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My już zaszczepieni !!!Koronawirus - sprawdź ograniczenia przed wizytą

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Principles and limitations in the reality of covid-19 coronavirus


At the entrance:    stop

  • obligatory covered faces / masks, balaclavas ... /,

  • hand disinfection, gloves recommended

  • we leave things in the cloakroom in bags,

  • at the request of customers we will test the temperature, Temp. acceptable: ear measurement up to 38.9 ° C, face measurement up to 37.9 ° C,

During the stay:   załóż maskę

  • all the time wearing face masks and not touching the mouth - exception: can only be removed at the table for consumption,

  • we don't touch our mouths,

  • hand disinfection before starting the game,

  • "Before entering the Maze (Laser Labyrinth), it is mandatory to remove shoes and change socks for clean, unused, and caregivers are required to put on shoe protectors." - guidelines for playrooms of the Government of the Republic of Poland

Security in the premises:    Ozonowanie

  • weapons and armory ozonated every night,

  • weapon decontaminated before each release,

  • maze ozonation and laser tag min. 2 times,

  • after the game - disinfecting equipment (vending machines, balls and cues, etc.),

  • as always, chairs and tables will be sanitized after each guest stay.


Warning - for the time of coronavirus threat!

  • max number of guests in LASER-WAR reduced from 48 to 24 people plus 2 organizers / carers,
  • you have fun in only yours company. We do not combine groups on our initiative. Exclusive game reservation (Arena laser tag) - reduced from min. 8 to 2 people.

The rules may change if guidelines of the Government of the Republic of Poland appear.

Come out smiling and ... and come back!