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LASER-WAR - attractions.

  • Laser Tag,
  • Laser Maze,
  • Escape Room,
  • Karaoke,
  • X-box,
  • Billiards,
  • Arcade (air hockey, darts, foootballl, boxer, kicker),
  • Massage chair.

LASER-WAR - laser entertainment in a space edition.


Innovative entertainment with guaranty of smile and a drop of sweat - without running !

Family activity attractions and team integration, kind of adventure. Fun for everybody 7-107 years old, also girls and ladies.


W 100% absolutely: safe, clean, pleasure with emotions !  

In our entertainment centre we propose two main funs/games which use most modern laser technology in world of entertainment:

1. LASER TAG - ARENA  We play 20 min. match on 360m² laser Arena. Everything happens in fog, laser beams, UV lights and music. A lot of different obstacles gives possibilities to hide. We have also box of scoffers  - place where from you can observe the game.

Kamizelka (Plastron) miniS-XXXL - broń w LASER-WAR  

Players are equipped with lighting blasters sets (miniS - XXXL). Blasters looks like cosmical, we have no replicas of real guns - we propose only fun, no aggression !

Attention ! During shooting, we see flying laser beams, so in the same time we can see speed of light  300 000 km /s  (186,282 mps)

Laser Tag is also sport. There are organised World Championships. In LASER-WAR we offer recreation/entertainment option. We collect points, when we hit opponent equipment, also we can use cosmical grenades Laughing

Fun is fully safe, we do not feel any shoots and it does not leave any traces. In our place you will not meet any traverse, aggression climate or fight.

In the same time can play max 12 persons.

In LASER-WAR we only play for fun, coming up with funny game names (visible on big screen with game results) and finishing with smiles on faces.

Not to wait we recommend to book a game by phone or your own on our web side. Exclusivity - min 8 persons.

2. LASER MAZE - maze of laser beams - we go under, over, between them. Similar to movie screens of "Mission Impossible". Game become more attractive thanks to customer own setting the difficulty and starting/ending the game. We compete between each other by collecting points. On start we have 800 points, with every second we loose one point and one beam touch is - 100 points. There are disqualification: 3rd beam touch or no midway point button push. Key is accuracy not only speed. 

3. Escape Room (Escape Room). Only polish version

4. X-box, billiards (9ft & 6ft) and arcade -  hockey, Dart, Kicker, Boxer, Football ... check yourself !

In bar we offer good coffee (recommend latte), cold drinks, Pizza, sweets and salty snacks.

We organise extra birthdays 

 Leave with smile and ... and come back !

® Company brand restricted in UE. Copies, use with no permission of LASER-WAR is forbidden.