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Birthday - Adventure not only event. News!


Emotions, lots of movement, everything in the cosmic atmosphere of lasers and with refreshments. The guarantee of a fully successful event regardless of the sex and age of guests (at least 7 years) min 8 people - max 24 people.

Included in the price: invitations, 1 or 2 games in a laser tag, laser maze or billiard (from 14 years a table 9ft for 1 hour), X-box, care, cream cake or super ice cream Ben & Jerry's (option cake and ice cream = cake included parties, ice cream according to the Algida price list, optional during the event), champagne, appetizers, drinks - open bar.

Separately paid: Pizza acc. Your orders according to the pizzeria prices. Slot machines for 2 and 5 zlotys.

At LASER-WAR, we consume products exclusively purchased in our premises. If you have a meal outside of LASER-WAR, consider the BINAR option

New Ben&Jerry's icecreams

    Lody Ben & Jerry's - test   

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icecream test

Lord Laser - dobry duch LASER-WAR



Duration of the event:

Nr of 

laser tag


For 8-12


For 13-18


For 19-24


    1 game   2 hrs.  2,5 hrs.  2,5 hrs.
    2 games  2,5 hrs.  3 hrs.  3,5 hrs.
Calculation of event costs:

 Cena od osoby (łącznie z jubilatem)

Nr of laser tag


 mon-thu (outside of holidays)  weekends and holidays
1 game  70 zł 80 zł
2 games 95 zł 105 zł

Pizza (paid extra)

We order exactly what we want, payable along with event costs - prices acc. Price list of the Pizzeria.

Please click on the Afery Pizza logo to select the appropriate Pizza.

Selected pizzas, please specify when booking the event.

Sprawdź menu Pizzerii

Refreshments for parents - a package for 4 people - PLN 60 (coffee / tea, salty nuts, shortbread cookies, marshmallows)

   Restrictions - click    How to drive to LASER-WAR - click


The organization of the event - IMPORTANT!

  • After making an advance payment [50% of the event price], we issue invitations. The advance payment is tantamount to reading and accepting the LASER-WAR regulations. The use of invitations facilitates obtaining confirmation of attendance at the event.  
  • Any changes in the booking of the event are possible to be made during business hours, on the working day preceding the event by 2 working days - that is, if the event takes place eg at the weekend this Wednesday is the last day when we accept any changes in the booking.
  • We kindly ask you to respect this principle. After this time, increase nr of quests are associated with additional fees (PLN 120), 
  • Resignation from the event is tantamount to the loss of the advance payment.

Please make a reservation only in person or by phone.


Advance payments can be made in the restaurant or on our account. When making an advance payment via bank transfer, please use the template in the content of the transfer: Booking_DD_MM_RR, hours. GG-MM, Surname Name - organizer.


Details of the transfer details can be found in the Company Data tab.


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