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Customer Card


To use the privileges of a member of the LASER-WAR Customer Card, always have it with you


Karta Klienta LASER-WAR

The LASER-WAR Customer Card is received by every person before played min. 1 game at the LASER-WAR Arena laser tag and give us your active email address.

/The address given must be active and you must have access to it to activate your account in the LASER-WAR system. As e-mail addresses are the distinguishing feature of customers in our system, it is not possible for several people to use the same e-mail address - accounts are blocked! /

What gives the Customer Card to the LASER-WAR Club Member?

  • The ability to track the results of all laser tag games played at the LASER-WAR Arena on your LASER-WAR profile. This is unique functionality and we are proud that as few in Poland we can offer such convenience.
  • It guarantee every fifth full free game for free (BINAR is fully paid),
  • Allows online booking of the LASER-WAR Arena game,
  • The possibility of using promotions dedicated exclusively to Club members,
  • The card is an identifier in LASER-WAR,




In this case, contact us before coming to LASER-WAR, giving us your active email address. The new card will be waiting for you at the bar.


/we apologize, but the development of a new card on the spot without losing the history of results of already played games is very difficult./

See you !