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Restrictions in LASER-WAR



no entry on alcohol admission and drug use !


We serve guests who are at least 7 years old

/Date of barth/

Producer of our equipment dedicate it to persons over 7 years. Our insurance is active for persons over 7 years old.

Exceptionally, which we do not recommend, guests who do not meet the age requirement may be allowed to play laser games on the sole and full responsibility of the legal guardian. In this case, the guardian signs the declaration of taking full responsibility for the child and equipment while playing, releasing LASER-WAR from all liability. The guardian accompanies the child during games.

Please remember that your toddler will have trouble understanding and remembering the rules that the set (vest combined with weapons) is designed for adults with the option of adjusting / modifying to the size of 7-year-old children, and will be difficult and difficult to handle for the toddler, the guardian must all the time follow the baby without hitting the other gówościom, unfortunately, the results of the child will most likely classify him on one of the last places.

 Ladies are advised not to play "footwear" type shoes.